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These are some of the opinion pieces authored by MP Ritesh Pandey that have been featured in leading national and international publications. 

Parliament's extensive framework presents many opportunities for robust debate, discussion, and dissent. But the government has not allowed the Opposition its rightful space in Parliament.


Incomes in large swathes of UP depend on power supply that has been disrupted by coal shortages. At the same time, coal-fired electricity generation is losing economic viability in India's clean-energy shift.


Hierarchies of caste, class, and gender intersect to form a cocktail of horrors for the women of rural India — we must understand these nuances in order to form any policy that meaningfully tackles gender-based violence in India.


Indian Member of Parliament Ritesh Pandey discusses how the rural landscape of northern India has to battle with a changing climate – especially in terms of on the ground problems like shifting seasons, crop failure, and little resources to adapt – ultimately affecting hundreds of millions of people.

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